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"Her intuition is spot on!"

“Nadia has a great talent and really speaks the truth. Her intuition is spot-on. Every single thing she shared with me was true and had perfect timing. The whole message was exactly what I needed to hear. My sessions with her have been valuable and I would recommend her work in a heartbeat.”

Judy Tweal, Holistic Healing Guide & Reiki Teacher

"My business has doubled!"

“I am blown away by how magical you are! I believe that was the deepest most powerful experience I’ve had in a long time! My business has doubled since working with Nadia. Thank you!”

Emma Louise Parish, Soul Coach & Yogi

"You'll be blown away"

I knew the session was going to be amazing even before we jumped on the call together. I had been experiencing a strong connection with her energy for a good 2 hours before we even began talking so I knew it was going to be powerful.

Over the course of our session, Nadia honed in on areas of my emotional life that had been underlying since my first romantic relationships over 25 years ago and have been the main cause of all my relationship problems since then!
Not only this but, she was able to pick up on the breakdown in communication between my husband and I and intuitively suggest the ways in which this could be mended. Her suggestions were absolutely spot on!

She advised super simple but highly charged ways in which I could move my business and relationships forward and it was totally the right time to hear them! It was a wonderfully relaxing and healing experience. Her insights and suggestions were most valuable.

Nadia's intuitive skills are razor sharp but she communicates them with such sensitivity and grace. The whole session was a beautifully relaxing and fun experience from start to finish!

Before our session, I was feeling stuck in both my business and relationship, I now feel empowered to move forward and the things I need to do are incredibly straightforward but I'm really confident they will make a huge difference to both my business and relationship.

Also - Since I did my Reiki masters about eight years ago, I've only had heat and tingling in my right hand, when I transmit healing. Eight years! A couple of hours after I spoke with Nadia, I felt healing come in all of a sudden, and for the first time… I felt it in BOTH hands! She has given me balance!! She is amazing!!

I feel honoured to have connected with Nadia and to have had this incredible session with her! I wish I met her 20 years ago!

You won't regret working with Nadia! Her intuitive skills are absolutely spot on, you'll be blown away! I would highly recommend working with her, I'm so grateful for her insights and recommendations.

Angie M. Campbell, Coach & Magnetism Expert

"I am my WILDEST self, and FREE!"

"She's amazing. Seriously amazing. Before working together, I felt disconnected, frustrated and like I wasn't moving in the direction I wanted. I now feel whole and have a sense of inner calm - stress doesn't get to me anymore. I am my wildest self, and FREE! I feel grounded, refreshed and viscerally, mentally and emotionally felt a shift. I have become a better person, my projects have taken off, and people have noticed. I also let go of an ex and welcomed in a partner that was everything I had ever wanted. This has changed my life."

Liz Tardif, Project Manger & Creative Writer

"She is amazing"

"Our work helped me to gain clarity on my mission and path in life currently. I found the direct messages I received resonated very much - 100% and this aspect was very valuable for me. After our session, I felt great. It helped me to go after my mission, projects and work easily and with more confidence. I would totally recommend Nadia's work to gain clarity in your life. She is amazing!"

Justin Stearman, Founder of Yoga Guide Magazine and OC Yoga Festival.

“She cares, she just truly cares about you”

“Nadia is extremely intuitive, you can tell she's an empath and hence can tune into your auric field and discern where you have blockages. She is like a musical instrument, effectively tuned into your energy field so she may provide you accurate information specific to your needs. Our work certainly has shifted my perspective on things, and I'm actually still integrating what had been spoken.

I carry the information with me close to my heart. I now see the world with more confirmation as she's shown me that I'm not alone on this journey and what I'm feeling is normal.

To anyone thinking of working with her, I’d say: Check your fears at the door cause Nadia will hold space for you from a heart centred place of non-judgement.

She cares, she just truly cares about you and your wellbeing.

I absolutely would recommend Nadia, 1000%! She gets it! She gets life. A great mentor and teacher.”

Patrick Win Trusted Personal Consultant & Empowerment Coach

"Nadia is a light"

"Our session together was incredible. She was an angel in the outfield during an international project. Nadia's channeling is authentic and sent with love. I found it very insightful, feeling more affirmed and clear in my path afterwards. It's hard to state how powerful and important this session was. It's medicine from the meta physical world. Nadia is a light. I am very honoured to have worked with her. I now stand tall in my purpose and have moved forward with love in my heart."

August Zadra, Karma Yogi & Marketing Specialist

“It felt like a reprogramming”

“Nadia has an amazing energy. After work with her I felt so much more whole, complete and happy! As if some barriers dissappeared, the life flow increased and the level of my happiness increased. I came to Nadia looking for clarity on my life purpose and attract the next level of romantic partnership in my life.

The first thing I asked her to work on with me however was to attract a renter for my investment property. I hadn’t received any inquiries after 2 months of advertising, and I wanted to see it rented.
Within 4 days of doing 3 laser sessions, to clear energy and open to receiving, out of the blue I received two inquiries in one day. After no inquiries for 2 months, a few days later, the lease was signed. This was a huge win! I felt we moved the energy powerfully and attracted in abundance.

Nadia’s energy work is super strong. It felt like a reprogramming. She has so much talent! Her voice is amazing and being in her presence makes you want to enjoy life more, to dance and sing, and to open to the magic of life! She has a big heart!

I am now more clear on my life purpose and involved in so many exciting projects. I highly recommend working with her long-term and you’ll see the great results in your life.

Anastasiya Anderson, Mentor for Healing Masters

“Like going through a surgery”

“Working with Nadia is like going through a surgery. She was able to get down to the root of my issues energetically, look deeply into where I was in my business and offer many solutions and tools to move to the next level and reach my business goals.”

Haji Basim, Lifestyle Coach, Music & Meditation Instructor

“So soothing and radiant”

“Nadia is so soothing and radiant. I feel this beautiful and trustworthy energy that emits from her. She is gifted and her delivery of her gifts is where her magic lies. What I really appreciated was her honing in so quickly on exactly what I need to do.”

Jordan, Psychotherapist

“She is soulful and light simultaneously”

“Nadia’s softness, down to earth and loving approachable energy made me feel safe & comfortable. She tapped into suppressed feelings I didn't know I had!

She is soulful and light simultaneously, and also relatable and grounded in her reading approach.

Since our work, I have seen energetic shifts and I have seen two men emerge romantically. I have also been asked to create a program with a coach online!”

Sarah, Entrepreneur

Case Studies

Case Studies

"I had the deep inner knowing that "HOME" existed in my heart."

"My work with Nadia was really powerful for me. I was able to release a past relationship and the return to myself. I had the deep inner knowing that “HOME” existed in my heart, within me. I was able to walk away from my ex, with love, and into the bright, abundant future that I now feel like I embody. And the confidence and trust in myself and the universe that comes with that makes me so much more powerful in my life and work”.

Aliyah O’Brien, Actor & Artist, Rookie Blue, Take Two, ABC
Aliyah came to me for healing and empowerment work. We healed the relationship to her ex and helped her let to go completely. She then went and landed one of her biggest roles in ABC’s Take Two in the following month.

"I now know my own potential"

"Before working together I was figuring out who I am, and what I’m supposed to achieve. Our work together was crucial. She always held my hand and led me back on the right track when I myself, felt lost. I have left behind some pretty bad anxiety, and I no longer feel sorry for my fears and insecurities. I now feel a beautiful sense of self-confidence, worthiness and the right to succeed in life."
I now know my own potential and am so damn excited about it and to grow even more into my future career that I discovered through our work. With passion, patience and love, she helped me to break through my blockages, change my perspective and see my future as so much brighter."

Carita Harju, Intimacy, Sex & Relationship Coach in Training
When we started out, Carita had no idea what her purpose was. Within 2 months, through our work, she found her calling, and got clear on her ideal client and core message. She is now overjoyed and has seen huge shifts in her confidence and her relationship. Her boyfriend noticed how she enjoys being herself, and that she has lost the fear of losing him, which has turned into a sense of self-worthiness. She started to feel more free in her body and my mind, and in situations where she previously felt really anxious and scared, she now feels more safe, whole and grounded.



"Say Yes!"

“If you ever get a chance to work with her, say YES! I’m so grateful I did, because in the days since, I’m feeling a rebirth in my heart, soul and mind.”

Tepsii Thendo Lufono Tshikororo, Business Coach and Copywriter

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