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You’re no stranger to building an online business. Yet, you’re still working your butt off to find clients and gain the freedom that comes with living the laptop lifestyle that your biz buddies are glowing about online.

There’s nothing worse than feeling like something is holding you back from achieving success.

am I right?

While you were expecting to hustle, you weren’t expecting that there would be so many inner challenges to running a business. Like the fear of being judged, the self-doubt, and feeling like you should have made much more progress by now.

It’s not just you.

Most entrepreneurs who feel held back figure out that working on their mindset is the key to playing a bigger game, but they still try to create a freedom based business by PUSHING THROUGH.

A little ironic, right? They are both holding back AND trying to PUSH THROUGH to reach success.

Have you ever tried to push on the brakes AND the gas at the same time? It doesn’t get you very far.

Can I tell you a ‘lil secret?

Even if you’re feeling like something is holding you back, you don’t need to push your way to having a thriving business that you love. Nope. Not necessary.


can be so much


Being your authentic self, and using your true gifts — is more than enough.

Feels like a breath of fresh air, right? Can it be that simple?

Yes, and there’s more:

Finding your inner confidence, choosing the right path for you and aligning in business, allows you to show up authentically. Taking inspired action and being visible then happens with much more ease. And that, my friends, makes drawing in the perfect clients effortless.


Not only does it feel good to you, but it feels good to others, too. When you’re doing what you love doing, your passion sends out an attractive vibe, and your audience feels it. They feel safe and drawn in because it’s truthful. It’s intoxicating.

It’s like the aphrodisiac of the marketing world.

Hello income and impact

It’s not salesy. It’s not even TRYING. And it works.

Because when you ditch having to present the perfect image, show up authentically and share your true gifts, your vibe starts to organically draw the perfect clients to you.

You’re lit up. It’s easy, and you’re magnetic.

And for a good reason: You’re building instant trust.

Just imagine what life would be like if you were making a ton of income and impact while creating massive shifts in people’s futures, just by being you.

You wouldn’t be worried about money and this new level of confidence and authenticity would allow you to do what you do best:


You would be at your best, bringing out the best in your clients, and helping them to get the results they want, faster.

Life would become fulfilling and exciting.

You would be playing a bigger game, and have upped your vibe and created a wildly successful business that provides financial freedom. Because of this, you are able to say eff yes to all the things that light you up: the nomad lifestyle, the retreats by the ocean, spending time with your besties, or all the little things like surprising your loved ones with gifts, flowers on your table and let me just say it:

A good eye cream.

Who am I?

Hi, I’m Nadia Hosko, an empowerment mentor, clairvoyant business advisor and sound healer. I help creative entrepreneurs (like you!) who want to play a bigger game, but feel held back by fear, self-doubt and not feeling good enough. You deserve the financial freedom and peace of mind that come from doing what you love and serving people who are happy to pay you. I can help you to access your inner confidence, align in business and easily attract ideal clients, so that you have a meaningful life and a successful business.

what will you get as result of our work together?

As a result of this package, you will:

  • Gain awareness on the inner blocks that are holding you back and keeping you from success, so you know how to align in business and attract clients with ease.
  • Get insight on the vision for your life purpose, projects and your business.
  • Understand how your blocks keep you from meeting your full potential so that you can become unstoppable.
  • Get a clear path of your next action steps.
What’s Included:
Uncovering What’s Holding You Back

Becoming aware of what’s holding you back from being visible, sharing your gifts and shining your light is the first step to playing a bigger game. For pre-work, I’ll share a give you a workbook to help you to begin to uncover what’s blocking you from success, and to get crystal clear on your vision. This will begin the process of helping you to feel safe being seen in your brilliance. I’ll review your workbook materials and do a clairvoyant reading to uncover the blocks that are holding you back, as well and the blocks that are impeding the materialization of success in your business.

Holding Back to Shining your Light

In this 75-minute channeling session, you’ll receive the results from the clairvoyant reading of your internal blocks and of the vision for your life purpose, your projects and your business. I’ll also lead you through a customized clairaudient guided meditation with sound healing. You’ll get crystal clear on how your blocks are impeding you from sharing your gifts and seeing the materialization of your vision. You’ll be able to ask me questions and receive channelled guidance on your direction and business. You’ll then receive custom take away work to help you begin to clear your blocks to success, and to strengthen your ability to bring your vision to life. These exercises will be intuitively channelled and assigned to serve you at your highest level.


A few days later, you’ll send me an update, along with your homework and reflections on what shifts you have experienced. I will do a clairvoyant reading of your reflections, and send you voice notes in a scheduled 30-minute chat session. You’ll be able to ask me any questions that have arisen for you as a result of your homework, and get intuitive guidance. We'll revisit your goals and help you get clear on your next steps to owning your brilliance and having the freedom that a successful business has to offer. ​

Your Investment: $247 USD

(Limited time pricing!)

Yes! I want to shine my light and attract dream clients with ease

Let’s get started

I know how important it is for you to activate your gifts and shine your light. You deserve a meaningful business that not only gives you financial freedom, but also feels fulfilling and makes an impact in the lives of your clients, and I can help.

Without the pushing

Without the “shoulds”

Without the holding back

I’m here for ya.

You deserve the freedom that comes from being yourself unapologetically, and getting paid to deliver the gifts that bring you the most joy and have you feeling excited to work in your business.

The three most common words that clients use after our work together are: magical, blown away, and breakthrough. Are you ready for those kinds of results?

Excellent! Here’s how to get started.

Click the “Apply Now” below and complete the application.

If we’re a good fit, I will send you a payment link for $247 USD. (Limited time pricing!)

Hear what clients are saying:

“I feel like a new woman!”

“Nadia reached down to the essence of who I really am. She was able to see and speak to my inner child, my inner knowing. That acknowledgement alone set off fireworks!! She had the ability to connect with a part of me that had been ignored for a very long time, and guide me towards the light that lives in my core essence.

Now, instead of holding in my truth, I lead with my heart and speak clearly and truthfully. I feel calmer, more centred, and confident. I feel like a new woman! I discovered my voice, got my confidence back, and finally overcame my fear of being seen!!

This is the necessary foundational work heart centred entrepreneurs need! It is what you absolutely need in order to maintain consistency!! I am forever grateful for her work. It has changed my life. Take the chance, your inner knowing will thank you.”

Alexa Fernandes, CEO, The Lady Entrepreneur

“My business has doubled”

“I am blown away by how magical she is! I believe that was the deepest most powerful experience I’ve had in a long time! My business has doubled since working with Nadia. Thank you.”

Emma Louise Parish, Soul Coach & Yogi

“I saw myself, maybe for the first time…”

“Before working with Nadia, I lacked confidence in my self expression, and felt challenged by a lack of meaning and purpose in my career and life. Through our work together, I felt validated, confident and championed. I released judgments that weren’t serving my highest good, and I saw myself, maybe for the first time, as capable of expressing my light. Nadia’s work is invaluable, inspiring, and transformational. I would wholeheartedly recommend working with her. Reach out and connect with her. The value you’ll receive from the initial meeting will be all you need to know that you’re making a wise investment.

Wes Richards, Coach

“Her intuition is spot on!”

“Nadia has a great talent and really speaks the truth. Her intuition is spot-on. Every single thing she shared with me was true and had perfect timing. The whole message was exactly what I needed to hear. My sessions with her have been valuable and I would recommend her work in a heartbeat.”

Judy Tweal, Holistic Healing Guide & Reiki Teacher

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Yes! I want to shine my light and attract dream clients with ease

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